100 micron PE PET Die cut seal foil lid for Instant noodles

Short Description:

1.PET thickness: 30 um to 40um
2.Sealable to PS and PP cups
3.Metal-free material
4.Microwaveable material
5.High printing quality. 0-10 color printing
6.More than 100 sizes & shapes

Product Detail

Product Tags

Application of PE PET Die cut seal lid

Yoghurt; Pure Milk; Creams; Cheeses; Margarine
Desserts; Spread; Dry food,; Snacks; Salads
Juice; water; Coffee; Sauces; etc

Specifications of PE PET Die cut seal lid 

Product Name PE PET Die cut seal lid
Raw material cardboard ,adhesives, film, ink, solvent, etc.
Lid structure PET+PAPER+PE+FOIL+ Heat sealing film for PS/PP/PE/PET/Paper cups
PAPER+PE+FOIL+Heat Sealing film for PS/PP/PE/PET/Paper cups
PAPER+PE+FOIL+ Heat Sealing film for PP/PE/PET/Paper cups
PAPER+PE+ Heat Sealing film for PS/PP/PE/PET/Paper cups
Specification embossed die cut lidsworm/ dot/ cross embossed
Thickness 30,33,38,40 micron before embossed, 100-150 micron after embossed
Size & Color Can be customized
Print Rotogravure 1-10 colors, design and logo are provided by customers
Diameter 72, 73, 90,95, 97,98,100,101,102,104,112,124,130,141,181 etc. We have more tha 100 sharps die cut mold for your choice.

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