Anti Barrier Paper Cup seal lids for two-minute noodles cup seals

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Non-aluminium paper Cup seal lids for products such as pate and steamed puddings that have a post cooking process and require metal detection of the packed product. This material also allows for microwaving by the consumer.

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Feature of of paper Cup seal lids
● Optional of no embossing
● Logo embossed as well as standard patterns such as random grub and fine linen
● Forming of recessed lids for special application such as ‘spoon-in-lid’, hot fill products and ‘easy location’ (see below)
● Easy peel or weld seal applications
● High oil resistance
● Improved puncture and tear resistance
● Versatile and easy to use

Specifications of PP Cup seal lids 

Product Name paper Cup seal lids
Raw material cardboard ,adhesives, film, ink, solvent, etc.
Lid structure PET+PAPER+PE+FOIL+ Heat sealing film for PS/PP/PE/PET/Paper cups
PAPER+PE+FOIL+Heat Sealing film for PS/PP/PE/PET/Paper cups
PAPER+PE+FOIL+ Heat Sealing film for PP/PE/PET/Paper cups
PAPER+PE+ Heat Sealing film for PS/PP/PE/PET/Paper cups
Specification embossing die cut lidsworm/ dot/ cross embossed
Thickness 30,33,38,40 micron before embossed, 100-150 micron after embossed
Size & Color customized
Print Rotogravure 1-10 colors, design and logo are provided by customers
Diameter 72, 73, 90,95, 97,98,100,101,102,104,112,124,130,141,181 etc. We have more tha 100 sharps die cut mold for your choice.
Usage The lid for packing containers such as noodles,chips,cookies yogurt, milk, cheese, ice cream, tea, cosmetic, seasoning ,K-cup ,etc.


They are made of high quality HIPS/PE ,using multi-layer simultanenously extruding processing to form the sheet material.
The cup are molded by auto-thermal machine,and printed thereafter by high speed curved surface printing machine.
We can make yoghurt cup.PE Thermo-forming cup.plastic cup

Pe Paper Cups

Adopting High-level cardboard with two-sides coated with PE, which is health, safe, filling with Noodle, fresh milk, yogurt, beverage, ice cream etc.

Paper And Plastic Cups

Combined with Plastic inside and offset printing paper outside, this cup is artistic, health, safe and environmental. This cup may enhance the grade of final product, which includes Noodle, fresh milk, yogurt, beverage and ice cream etc.

PP Plastic Cups

Using the raw material of PP or PS, adopt multi-layer coextrusion, automatic forming and high-speed curved surface printing technology to produce the sheet material. We can supply various and specification cups, filling with Noodle, fresh milk, yogurt, beverage, ice cream etc.


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