High quality Instant Noodle Bowl Lids PET Plastic material

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Instant noodles bowl seal lid is Thinner, more stable and transparent – for the packaging of cheese, yoghurt, and other dairy products, we offers high-quality and functional lidding solutions based on PET with excellent mechanical and optical properties. The patented portfolio stands out for its high puncture and tear resistance as well as extraordinary transparency and clarity. The packages can be opened easily and consistently; the lids do not tear.

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Instant noodles bowl seal lid Features

● Many types of die-cut lids in one run
● Good quality print
● Print quality is brighter and more beautiful than foil die-cut lids
● You can change the design of the die-cut lids at any time
● Environmental friendly

Specifications of Instant noodles bowl seal lid:

Product Name Instant noodles bowl seal lid
Raw material cardboard ,adhesives, film, ink, solvent, etc.
Lid structure PET+PAPER+PE+FOIL+ Heat sealing film for PS/PP/PE/PET/Paper cups
PAPER+PE+FOIL+Heat Sealing film for PS/PP/PE/PET/Paper cups
PAPER+PE+FOIL+ Heat Sealing film for PP/PE/PET/Paper cups
PAPER+PE+ Heat Sealing film for PS/PP/PE/PET/Paper cups
Specification embossed die cut lidsworm/ dot/ cross embossed
Thickness 30,33,38,40 micron before embossed, 100-150 micron after embossed
Size & Color Can be customized
Print Rotogravure 1-10 colors, design and logo are provided by customers
Diameter 72, 73, 90,95, 97,98,100,101,102,104,112,124,130,141,181 etc. We have more tha 100 sharps die cut mold for your choice.
Usage The Instant noodles bowl seal lid in chips,cookies yogurt, milk, cheese, ice cream, tea, cosmetic, seasoning ,K-cup ,etc.

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