Unembossed paper / plastic Potato chips Aluminum Foil Lids

Short Description:

Luxury look
Unembossed surface of the die cut lid means clean and bright colors making the picture on the packaging vivid and lively. The product looks absolutely stunning, well matches expectations of the premium segment target audience, and provokes impulse buying.

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Features Of Potato Chip Cover

Effortless Opening.
Thanks to the special foam heat-sealing paint and the enhanced characteristics of aluminum foil, the lid can be removed from the cup with a simple action. High-end consumers hate lid tearing, so PROLINOM non-embossed die-cut lids are easily tear-resistant.

Suitable For Any Product
yogurt, desserts, jams, nut butters, baby food, soups-the non-embossed die-cut lid fits any product and makes it look very attractive. The allowable sealing temperature range of the lid is wide, and it can easily withstand the heat treatment and sterilization of the product.

Application Of Potato Chip Cover

flavor beverage

Potato Chip Cover Specifications

product name Potato Chip Cover
raw material Paperboard, adhesives, films, inks, solvents, etc.
Member structure PET+PAPER+PE+FOIL+ PS/PP/PE/PET/Paper Cup
Heat Sealing Film PAPER+PE+FOIL+PS/PP/PE/PET/Paper Cup
Heat Sealing Film PAPER+PE+FOIL+ Heat Sealing Film PP/PE/PET /Paper Cup
PAPER+PE+ PS/PP/PE/PET/Paper Cup Heat Sealing Film
specification Embossing die-cut eyelid worm/dot/cross embossing
thickness 30, 33, 38, 40 microns before embossing, 100-150 microns after embossing
Size and color customizable
print Rotogravure 1-10 colors, designs and logos are provided by the customer
diameter 72, 73, 90, 95, 97, 98, 100, 101, 102, 104, 112, 124, 130, 141, 181, etc. We have more than 100 sharp die-cutting molds for you to choose from.
usage Covers for packaging containers such as noodles, potato chips, biscuits, yogurt, milk, cheese, ice cream, tea, cosmetics, seasonings, K-cup, etc.

There Are Two Types Of Potato Chips On The Market:

Bagged : (aluminum-coated) packaging
commonly used structure
Filling: label/kraft paper/aluminum foil/PE,
one side of the seal is tinplate cover, the other side is paper/aluminum film.
Since potato chips are fried, they need to be filled with nitrogen to keep them fresh

Under the circumstance of ensuring safety, such materials can prevent the potato chips from getting wet to a large extent. Our company is committed to allowing customers to buy the most assured and high-quality products at the lowest price.

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